Sunday, September 24, 2006

ny musik

I'm still playing around with the computer trying to make some music. I still suck, but now if people haven' actually HEARD the music that I make, then I can potentially fool them into thinking that I know what I'm doing since I now have a keyboard and lots of cords. Here's my latest creation. No Garage Band at all used here, just new stuff which I got courtesey of Sunnyboy. Unfortunately it couldn't make the jump to the new computer, so I'm still using old whitey now and then. Kari is frustrated as hell whenever I spend time doing this, and because of her my true genius will probably not be appreciated until after my death... You can hear or download this rubbish here. (ctrl. click on your mac for download options)


Blogger old-hits-from-the-bong said...

Your fans tried to appreciate you the other night but you had no time for them. Sad. We knew you before you sold out. Remember Dio

11:55 PM  

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