Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Help my Fat Cat.

First, another dose of amateur music, which you can listen to or download here. I like the little quote from Bishop Desmond Tutu. You KNOW I'm gonna keep churning out this shit, just 'cause I like making it.

Secondly, we're taking care of a cat, affectionately named Løvepus (pronounced Leuvepooce), which in Norwegian means "Lioncat". He's about 14 years old, and definitely one of the sweetest cats ever. He's terrified of the outdoors which is good since we're on the fourth floor. He gets little exercise, and LOVES food more than anything. As a result, he has developed something of a weight problem, as is evident in the pictures below. So please, if you have any ideas, post them on the comments section. He's kind of got this wheezy kind of breathing, likely due to his weight.

I'm not actually worried about his health - he's fine, but it's a bit embarassing every time people come over and say "Man, that is one FAT CAT".


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