Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Safe Men

A friend recently e-mailed me a song (isn't it great how you can do that?) which I immediately recognized from one of my favourite films "Safe Men", which I highly reccomend that you check out. I recently ordered the DVD from Amazon and I was really excited because this film has never been on DVD before. Of course it doesn't work on our DVD player since it is North American format. One would think that with all of the technological advances that have been made, along with an inceasingly globalized society, we could kind of come to some kind of agreement about things like electrical outlets, photocopy paper, which side of the road to drive on, and yes, dvds.
Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I have of course still managed to watch the film, which is as excellent as I remember. So for Brad, here's another song from the film. Give this a bit of time to load up - things seem to go a bit slowly over at ezarchive since they "upgraded".


Blogger jPod said...

Hey Steve, I believe you can buy an adapter for your MacBook which will allow you to output to your TV set, letting you use your laptop as a DVD player if you don't want to actually watch the DVD on your laptop. Of course, I'm assuming you have the DVD software on your MacBook set to region 1, N. America.... if not, I'm pretty sure that there must be a software hack for that. It's also very do-able to hack a cheap commercial DVD player to be "region-free". I think that there are guides for that online.

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